SD Wan

With SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) Technology, business networks are no longer held hostage to the boundaries of expensive, strict and unreliable experiences of traditional WAN networking. Offering greater flexibility and lower costs, SD-WAN is allowing businesses to be free from the high-costs of proprietary systems requiring expensive hardware.

In today’s global business community, many companies have at least one aspect of their technology network that is “offsite” orhaveemployees that are telecommuting. Networking needs can range from a small business with one central office and limited staff to an international corporation with thousands of employees across the globe. This freedom of business operations however can come at cost. Companies now need improved Internet connectivity as well as flexible networking options and higher security measures not found with traditional WAN.

SD-WAN offers solutions that can meet the needs of any business no matter how large or small. By harnessing technologies such as broadband connectivity, Cloud software and VPN (Virtual Private Networking),SD-WAN can offer the seamless networking of a traditional office environment on a global, wirelessscale. Customers reap the benefits with more dependable Internet service, greater application delivery control and better security as just a few of the features.

If you are interested in discovering the freedom, security and cost-saving benefits SD-WAN technology can offer your business.