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Brandon Baker

Founder & CEO of ignite tech

After seven years working his way up from entry level to senior management with Comcast Business Solutions, ignite Founder and CEO, Brandon Baker knows the intricacies of data and communication networking. Tired of hearing and seeing the frustration of businesses who had submitted to carriers and solutions that not only did not meet their needs but, cost them profits, Brandon wanted to see a change for the better.

Through carefully built, strategic partnerships with some the world’s leading communication providers, Brandon began connecting the puzzle pieces of a new kind of company and service. Through Brandon’s vision, ignite tech was born.

With ignite, small companies to enterprise level corporations are finally finding Telecommunication networking solutions that work for them, instead of the other way around. Carefully fitting the pieces together of the highest-quality customer service, unique networking solutions and the most trusted carrier partnerships, ignite takes the pain and time away from researching and sourcing Telecommunications.

See for yourself, how we make the pieces fit together to create the perfect system…
  • As brokers, there is never any charge for our services. Carriers pay us.
  • We offer not just one option but, a minimum of three-four quotes to choose from. The choice is always yours to make.
  • Trapped in a contract, with no way out? Wrong! We can find solutions not only with new carriers to get you out of your contract BUT, with your present carrier to get you even BETTER rates.
  • You are NEVER left in the dark. We oversee the customer service of the porting and connection process from start to completion. Have a problem…you call us, not some huge CSR center thousands of miles away and we ALWAYS answer!

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