Does the Weather Impact Connection?

How Safe is Your Connection?
February 6, 2019
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Does weather truly affect the internet speed in your office? If you’ve ever been at work on a rainy or incredibly hot day and tried to log on without success, have you ever blamed the weather for your inability to send emails, connect to software & send or receive files? But, are rain, heat, snow, and wind really the culprits?

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Most urban users have some kind of broadband Internet, typically an ADSL or cable connection. ADSL connections are offered by telecommunications providers and use high-end frequencies on regular phone lines to carry digital information. Cable connections: meanwhile, are provided by suppliers and use the same coaxial cable that connects to the back of your television. While both of these connection types have their pros and cons, they do share a basic transmission method: electricity over copper wires.

Large storms can knock out power lines while extreme cold can cause ground heaves, both of which may break or tear existing copper lines. Cold may also cause problems for electromechanical components of a connection, such as breakers or switches. While copper has no problem conducting electricity in cold weather, other systems at the provider’s end — or your office— may not be up to the task. The result could be a lost connection, intermittent service, or much slower speed. Long exposure to the heat, like the summer sun, can also damage the cables as the hot plastics yield. Are you catching our drift here?

If you have an office (or offices) in geographical areas prone to extreme weather or temperature, we want to make sure your equipment is not only the most cost-efficient, but also sustainable against factors such as inclement weather. While you can put processes and steps in place to create efficiency in your business, we can’t control the weather. Trust us, we wish we could. Fortunately, we have options!

Let’s work together to make sure your business and employees are set up for success.

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