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January 7, 2019
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March 6, 2019
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To help explain why the topic of cyber security is so important, let’s first establish the baseline of how daily life operates for most of us: there aren’t many careers or industries left that aren’t based on or using technology.

Teachers in classrooms are using SMART boards. Architects and agencies are sending large files on a daily basis with work files. Someone who comes to your home to do contract work will whip out a smartphone or tablet and add information to an app on the spot. The mistakes that cause the most damage at companies are security-related—something as small as clicking attachments in emails without knowing if they are safe.

All of this being said, we hear about cyber security and developing levels of protection for our businesses, but did you know that your internet routers are a target for cyber-attacks? It’s incredibly important in the digital world to have a seamless AND protected provider.

No security technology is perfect, but the threat landscape changes almost daily, and providers must continuously evolve their tools and infrastructure to respond to new challenges.  We know that meeting those challenges requires large commitment to providing security.

At ignite tech, we take it upon ourselves to make sure that our partners are providing our clients with the tools to build a protected and reliable safeguard for the details and data that matter most. If your devices and routers are outdated or in need of an update – your company could be at risk of being compromised.

Give us a call to receive a free estimate on how your devices can have a new level of protection.

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