Your server is your single largest technology hardware investment. To keep your operations running smoothly, your server protected and your applications moving forward, you need a server rack that is stable and organized.

ignite tech provides server rack cabling to keep your servers running quickly and effectively.

We install structured cabling to make the server easy to maintain and repair network cabling that supports all of your applications. Our network cabling management services make it easy to expand your server so your network can grow with your business.

Professionally installed network cabling not only gives you an efficient, space-saving structure, but also saves money in hardware costs and damage protection. As the perfect fitting corner piece to the puzzle of your network, ignite tech installs server rack cabling that works with your business and your needs.

Structured cabling in your server rack keeps each device organized and allows you to add more hardware at any time; network cabling management prevents twists and tangles of wires, eliminating safety hazards and keeping cables in better shape so they last longer.

When it is time to expand your server and add more capabilities, we can help you do it seamlessly. We support long-lasting partnerships with each of our customers and we are happy to help you with all of your Telecommunication needs.

Whether you need an upgrade your existing network or a completely new system, ignite tech has the solution to meet your business’s needs. Call us today!

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